R&B After Trauma: Signaling Threat: December 9&10, 2016

The Kidney/Adrenal system is responsible for Signaling Threat, the subject of the Second Module in the Restoration & Balance After Trauma series. Building resiliency in this system will help survivors restore their capacity to feel safe again, recognize threats more accurately, reduce their morbidity and mortality and enhance their vitality.

The whole body is alarmed when the Kidney’s signal of life-threat penetrates the pericardium and reaches the Heart. With repeated alarm, the Kidney loses its capacity to regulate fear. Survivors are tossed between hyper-arousal and collapse – their Jing is consumed and their Shen is disturbed.

Exploring Shao Yin – Kidney/Heart dynamics in this integrative, East meets West context can illuminate and inform an acupuncturist’s work with trauma survivors. Learn treatment approaches and hands-on skills to help patients with complex, multi-symptom illness restore:

•    Somatically mindful experiences of safe boundaries
•    Regulation in the kidney/adrenal system, and
•    Function in the primal threat-messaging system of the brain stem.

When – Friday, December 9 & Saturday, December 10, 2016
Time – 9:30 am – 5:30 pm
Where – Crossings Healing & Wellness, 8720 Georgia Ave, #300, Silver Spring, MD
Cost – $350 (12 NCCAOM PDAs)

Alaine Duncan speaks in this video of the critical impact fear played in the recent election.

Find out how you can support your patients and our country by helping people build capacity in their kidney/adrenal system and live into a dynamic relationship between their kidney and heart. Acupuncture can help restore the good and rhythmic function of every Official in the kingdom of our bodies and the soul of our nation.

Didn’t attend the first module? Not to worry.

We have created an orientation video to welcome and prepare you to jump right in! The video explores foundational premises in trauma-informed acupuncture and reviews the Five Elements and their interface with the Five Steps of the Self-Protective Response defined by neurobiology.  Free with your registration.

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In this series of seasonal workshops for acupuncturists, Senior Acupuncturist, Alaine Duncan integrates the wisdom of Chinese medicine with the neurobiology of traumatic stress. Participants learn interaction, observation, and touch skills to enhance acupuncture treatment and help restore balance for trauma survivors. Alaine’s unique approach explores the interface of Chinese physiology, the Five Phases, and the autonomic nervous system in trauma.

Each seasonal workshop offers in-depth didactic and hands-on instruction on how to support trauma survivors through each phase the Self-Protective Response. 

Alaine DuncanR&B After Trauma: Signaling Threat: December 9&10, 2016

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