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figuresconnectingpuzzlesRestoration & Balance: Chinese Medicine’s Gift to Survivors of Trauma

This is a workshop series I brought to the Veterans Administration.  The monthly format tracks the stages of the threat response, and the five elements/five seasons of Chinese Medicine.  

I’ve taken the bio-physiology of traumatic stress and organized it through the correspondences of Chinese medicine.  These correspondences give guidance for ways to access incomplete threat responses in the tissues, organs, emotions, functions — and meridians.  It also creates a more nuanced way to evaluate and treat traumatic stress.  Rather than simply recognizing dysregulation — this lens allows clinicians to see patterns in the dysregulation, provides them with a deeper understanding and more subtle way to access each unique person. 

Class participants included mental health providers, nurses, chaplains, physicians, meditation teachers, massage therapists, nutritionists and acupuncturists — and they uniformly found that this conceptual framework expanded the ways they understood trauma, and ways they could work with Veterans.   3 PDAs (NCCAOM) for each module.  

Here’s the brochure: R-B Brochure 2016-2017-03.17.16-3PDAs

Here’s a list of the workshops:

Restoring Somatic Mindfulness

Restoring Vitality In The Breath

Restoring Capacity for Safety

Restoring Safety In The Brain Stem After Brain Injuries

Restoring Proprioception After High Impact Events

Restoring The Mobilization Response

Restoring The Orientation System

Restoring Capacity for Connection

Restoring Infrastructure for Connection

Restoring A Sense of Self

Restoring Integrity in the Guts

 5elementsRestoring Balance and Regulation After Trauma

This 2-day course is designed to introduce acupuncturists to the interface of Western physiology with AOM.

Acupuncture is especially helpful for those “strange, rare and peculiar” symptoms that baffle Western providers and are often rooted in unresolved traumatic stress.

Participants develop new ways to evaluate their patients – and greater access to the healing vibration we all carry.  12 PDA’s (NCCAOM)  

Participants explore:

> the impact of traumatic stress on the energy body through the lens of the autonomic nervous system.

> the interface of Chinese physiology, the Five Phases and the autonomic nervous system in survivors of trauma.

> trauma as the disorganization of qi.

> how yin/yang theory mirrors concepts of sympathetic activation and parasympathetic collapse after trauma.

> interaction, observation and touch skills to enhance acupuncture treatment for clients with trauma histories.

Workshops for patients:  The Way of the Seasons

Like all primitive cultures, the ancient Chinese lived in close relationship with nature. The natural world existed both outside and inside their bodies. They survived according to natural laws and flowed with the cycles of growth and decline that manifested in day and night, summer and winter.  Clients, family-members and others explore how flowing with the gifts and challenges of the Way of the Seasons enriches life and creates healing.

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