The Tao of Trauma, PDA Course Series for Acupuncturists

Join Senior Acupuncturist Alaine Duncan for a year-long series of seasonal workshops for acupuncturists, integrating the wisdom of Chinese medicine with the neurobiology of traumatic stress.

Learn interaction, observation, and touch skills to enhance acupuncture treatment and help restore balance for trauma survivors.

Alaine’s unique approach explores the interface of Chinese physiology, the Five Phases, and the autonomic nervous system in trauma.

Each seasonal workshop offers in-depth didactic and hands-on instruction on how to support trauma survivors through each phase the self-protective response.

The 2017-18 Workshop Series will be held on Saturdays and Sundays,  9:30 am – 5:30 pm.  

Crossings, 8720 Georgia Avenue, Suite 300, Silver Spring, Maryland.

$350 per workshop if registered 30 days in advance, $375 after. Register for all 5 by September 16, 2017 for $1500;  12 NCCAOM PDAs for each module.  Half price for previous attenders.

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 September 16&17, 2017. 

The Self Protective Response starts with the Po. Our breath catches, our curiosity stops, we narrow our focus and increase sympathetic arousal. Learn approaches to working with the skin as a boundary organ and the system of diaphragms as containers of affect.

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December 2&3, 2017.

As the foundation for all yin and yang, the whole body is alarmed when the Kidney signals threat. When it loses capacity to regulate itself, we remain in alarm, and our jing is consumed. Explore the Kidney/heart axis and the Poly‐Vagal System; learn skills for restoring capacity in the brain stem and the kidney/adrenal system.  

More info: R&B-Winter



March 3&4, 2018. 

The Liver mobilizes our fight or flight response. Thwarted mobilization can result in chronic pain, lack of embodied awareness and challenges in orienting to both safety and danger. Learn ways to restore proprioception, tendon and ligament function and ability to navigate life’s challenges.  

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June 2&3, 2018. 

The Fire functions of relationship, connection and coherence are deeply impacted by trauma. Profound vulnerability and shame require nuanced approaches to restore the pericardium’s portals of connection, the triple burner’s infrastructure for connection and the Shen’s comprehensive gift of coherence and regulation.  

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September 15&16, 2018.  

The Earth is vulnerable to freeze/shutdown in trauma, particularly in infants. Learn about the visceral brain and the impact of early trauma on adult physical and mental health. Explore ways to help patients digest their food and their traumatic stress — harvest life lessons and find stability.  

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Alaine DuncanThe Tao of Trauma, PDA Course Series for Acupuncturists